RMB LTD is operated by a team who between them have almost 100 years of experience in animal care. They are dairy expert Robert Warren, equine dentist and former trainer Michael Murphy, and veterinarian Bernard Keating.

Robert has more than 20 years of experience in the farming industry and dairy sector. He has successfully run his own business since 2012, supplying products to dairy farmers, where he has earned a well-deserved reputation for customer care and innovation.

Michael has had a lifelong love of horses. He operated as a trainer for a number of years before qualifying as an equine dentist more than ten years ago, and since then he has developed a close working relationship with champion point-to-point trainer Colin Bowe and many others. His knowledge of horses and horse care is superb. He is also passionate about animal health in general, and promoting good nutrition and animal welfare.

Bernard has practiced as a vet for some 50 years and holds a wealth of information and knowledge about animal care and nutrition in general. He too is known for his dedication to his clients, and for making sure that their animals receive the best possible care at all times.

The three have now brought their expertise together to identify the leading animal nutrition products on the market, and from their base in Co. Wexford, supply them to farmers and others throughout the south-east and all over Ireland.

Robert, Michael and Bernard also provide the farming and equine communities with expert assistance to help fulfil their long-term potential and get the best from their animals. They can advise on the improvements that are achieved through making the best dietary and nutrition choices, and on the best methods of storing and preserving their feeds.

RMB LTD is a progressive company, serving progressive farmers and others. They look forward to serving you.